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Baby Boutique Itty Bitty Boutique is the first true baby boutique founded in the UK, dedicated to nothing than stunning fashion from some of the most creative designers, as well as personalised fashion options for babies and kids of all ages. If you want to bring the difference that boutique clothing offers to your kids, then Itty Bitty is precisely the store that you need.

Quality clothing for kids of all ages

Take a look at the collection in our baby boutique and it becomes clear just how dedicated we are to high-end design and comfort for kids and baby clothing. We have a love for all things cute, soft, and rose gold, but our number one priority is in ensuring that each product in our line of clothes for boys and girls is smart and comfortable, as well as gorgeous and trendy.

As such, we’re careful in ensuring that the materials and fabrics used in every one of the designs we sell is designed to keep your child as comfortable and as safe as possible. We know there’s no point being fashionable if it leads to discomfort, itchiness, or rashes.

For that reason, we also make sure to offer different fabrics for ranges designed for different seasons, so no matter what the weather is out there, your little bundle of joy is going to be looking and feeling fantastic in clothes from our baby boutique.

Designs from a range of famous mums

At Itty Bitty, your baby boutique, we take childrens’ and baby’s fashion seriously. We know that mums want their children to have the best possible debut to the world, so what better way to do that than to make sure you’re providing them with precisely the look that they need?

To that end, we have a range of collections from some of the best loved celebrity mums, including Abbey Clancy, Billie Faiers, Tamara Ecclestone, and Katie Piper.

These collections include everything from strollers to cots to sleeping bags and beyond. Whether you’re out and about or finding the perfect thing to put in the car, we have you covered with Itty Bitty’s designs from celebrity mums.

Take a closer look at our boutique collections

Our boutique collections section can offer you an even closer look at some of the most popular, yet exclusive designs we offer through our store.

Take a look at the options like our baby Elsa Frozen turquoise dress, the Itty Bitty Denim and Faux Fur Snuggle jacket, or our gorgeous Billie Faiers Rose Gold Premium Highchair and you will see precisely why they call us a baby boutique and kids boutique. 

Our boutique collection updates regularly, thanks to the exclusivity of our products as well as the fact that we’re always looking for new designers to add to our collection. For that reason, make sure that you keep coming back to see the latest designs in the store.

Our stunning shoes collections

One of the things that our baby boutique has become best known for is the huge range of stunning shoes and boots we have on offer.

We have over 100 pairs of shoes and boots, the majority of them developed specifically for Itty Bitty.

This includes sliders, sandals, runners,  cowboy boots, and much more. Whether you want something perfect for the chilly weather or you’re getting ready for a beach holiday, we have the perfect pair of footwear to meet your needs. For boys, girls, babies, and growing children, Itty Bitty has your toes covered.

Our baby boutique dresses

For those special occasions, whether it’s a wedding, a birthday, or something else, it can be hard to find the gorgeous dress that your little one deserves to help them match the occasion. However, Itty Bitty has an extensive range of baby boutique dresses, all of which are exclusive, meaning that you won’t find them on the high stress.

Whether you love all things that glitter or everything in rose gold, like us, or you want something a little more understated, we have you covered with our wide selection of baby boutique dresses available on the site.

Personalised kids clothing

Choosing from a kids boutique can already ensure that you’re finding selections that you’re not likely to see other parents making, but how can you make your child’s wardrobe even more unique to them?

Well, Itty Bitty offers a range of personalized clothing for precisely that reason. From personalised baby & kids tracksuits to personalised accessories and presents for the kids, such as storybooks and backpacks, we can help you give your child’s identity the attention that it needs.

Personalised clothes are an easy way to make sure that your child’s name is memorised when it comes to playgroups or mom and baby groups, and it simply makes the clothing feel all the more special and more closely connected to the baby wearing it in the first place.

The best baby boutique you’ll find online

Why choose Itty Bitty? Simply put, we believe we offer the best baby boutique on the internet for a wide range of reasons:

  • One of the biggest selections of shoes and footwear for children.
  • Hand-picked designs from celebrity moms and boutique collections.
  • We ensure all materials selected are safe and comfortable on your child’s skin.
  • We can personalise a wide number of our products to make them perfect for your child.
  • Regular deals to help you pick out your new favourites for less.
  • Low cost shipping, both domestic and international.
  • A no hassle returns policy makes shopping even more secure

Of course, it’s our selection of clothes that makes us the first choice for baby boutique clothing above all else.

Take a look at our store or get in touch to learn more

Don’t hesitate to take a look around Itty Bitty to see the kind of quality products we have on offer for boys and girls across all the early ages. If you need any help, you can get in touch through social media or the contact details on the site and we will be more than happy to address any concerns or questions you might have.