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Baby boutique

Itty Bitty Baby Boutique is the first true baby boutique founded in the UK, dedicated to nothing than stunning fashion from some of the most creative designers, as well as personalised fashion options for babies and kids of all ages. If you want to bring the difference that boutique clothing offers to your kids, then Itty Bitty is precisely the store that you need.

We offer you a selection of the most beautiful children’s clothing in our online store, so that your kids can feel like stars.

Since opening their doors for business, Itty Bitty has managed to tap into this gap and carve out its own space online with an unrivalled range of styles for babies and kids up to 12 years old. Here are some key features:

Boutique Baby Quality clothing for kids of all ages

Take a look at the collection in our baby boutique and it becomes clear just how dedicated we are to high-end design and comfort for kids and baby clothing. We have a love for all things cute, soft, and rose gold, but our number one priority is in ensuring that each product in our line of clothes for boys and girls is smart and comfortable, as well as gorgeous and trendy.

As such, we’re careful in ensuring that the materials and fabrics used in every one of the designs we sell is designed to keep your child as comfortable and as safe as possible. We know there’s no point being fashionable if it leads to discomfort, itchiness, or rashes. 

For that reason, we also make sure to offer different fabrics for ranges designed for different seasons, so no matter what the weather is out there, your little bundle of joy is going to be looking and feeling fantastic in clothes from our baby boutique.

When it comes to our designs for boys and girls, we like to think that no two children are alike. This is why all of the clothing in our range offers different styles and colors – so you can find something perfect for your child’s personality; whether they’re a calm, relaxed type or an energetic little ball of fun. We also offer clothes with unique touches such as button-down fronts on cardigans, adorable embroidery detailing on dresses (or pyjamas) which adds that extra special touch to make them stand out from the crowd when it comes time for their next birthday party!

There are few things more important than finding just what will work best for your baby at this delicate stage in their development.

Designs from a range of famous mums

At Itty Bitty, your boutique baby we take childrens’ and baby’s fashion seriously. We know that mums want their children to have the best possible debut to the world, so what better way to do that than to make sure you’re providing them with precisely the look that they need?

To that end, we have a range of collections from some of the best loved celebrity mums, including Abbey Clancy, Billie Faiers, Tamara Ecclestone, and Katie Piper. 

These collections include everything from strollers to cots to sleeping bags and beyond. Whether you’re out and about or finding the perfect thing to put in the car, we have you covered with Itty Bitty’s designs from celebrity mums.

To that end, we have a range of collections from some of the best loved celebrity mums. These include everything from strollers to cots; and sleeping bags too! Whether you’re out and about or finding the perfect thing to put in your car, Itty Bitty has got you covered with designs from these celebrity mothers.

If only the world were made up exclusively by little people who always knew what they wanted… but alas it’s not so lucky for us all. What is fortunate is that at Itty Bitty our talented team know exactly how children want things: bright colours (in both their clothes as well as their surroundings), attention-grabbing sounds, entertaining activities –  and more than anything else.

Take a closer look at our boutique collections

Our boutique collections section can offer you an even closer look at some of the most popular, yet exclusive designs we offer through our store. 

Take a look at the options like our baby Elsa Frozen turquoise dress, the Itty Bitty Denim and Faux Fur Snuggle jacket, or our gorgeous Billie Faiers Rose Gold Premium Highchair and you will see precisely why they call us a baby boutique and kids boutique. 

Our boutique collection updates regularly, thanks to the exclusivity of our products as well as the fact that we’re always looking for new designers to add to our collection. For that reason, make sure that you keep coming back to see the latest designs in the store .

Here you can find a description of the store. We have a large variety of clothes that will suit any occasion, like our baby Elsa Frozen turquoise dress or Itty Bitty Denim and Faux Fur Snuggle jacket. Baby Boutique also offers premium high chairs for babies to grow with their parents’ style over time. Our boutique collection updates regularly so keep coming back to see what’s new in the store!

  • Store has many different styles available from designer brands such as Disney, My Babiie, Ginger Ray etc…


Our stunning Baby & Toddler shoes collections

One of the things that our baby boutique has become best known for is the huge range of stunning shoes and boots we have on offer. 

We have over 100 pairs of shoes and boots, the majority of them developed specifically for Itty Bitty.

This includes sliders, sandals, runners, cowboy boots, and much more. Whether you want something perfect for the chilly weather or you’re getting ready for a beach holiday, we have the perfect pair of footwear to meet your needs. For boys, girls, babies, and growing children, Itty Bitty has your toes covered.

Our baby boutique dresses

For those special occasions, whether it’s a wedding, a birthday, or something else, it can be hard to find the gorgeous dress that your little one deserves to help them match the occasion. However, Itty Bitty has an extensive range of baby boutique dresses, all of which are exclusive, meaning that you won’t find them on the high stress. 

Whether you love all things that glitter or everything in rose gold, like us, or you want something a little more understated, we have you covered with our wide selection of baby boutique dresses available on the site.

This time, we’ve done dresses. They come in a variety of styles and sizes so you can find the perfect one for your little girl or boy. There are also baby boutique gifts available, such as gold bibs and headbands to make sure they look their best on any occasion

Growing up is hard enough without having to worry about what clothes to wear when; this will give your child an easier ride with something that matches them perfectly whilst looking stylish at the same time!

The dress should be fit close around the body but just loose enough near the waistline. The length needs to be cut off straight from underneath where it meets the neck down until it reaches right below her feet.

Personalised kids clothing

Choosing from a kids boutique can already ensure that you’re finding selections that you’re not likely to see other parents making, but how can you make your child’s wardrobe even more unique to them? 

Well, Itty Bitty offers a range of personalized clothing for precisely that reason. From personalised baby & kids tracksuits to personalised accessories and presents for the kids, such as storybooks and backpacks, we can help you give your child’s identity the attention that it needs.

Personalised clothes are an easy way to make sure that your child’s name is memorised when it comes to playgroups or mom and baby groups, and it simply makes the clothing feel all the more special and more closely connected to the baby wearing it in the first place.

Personalised clothes are an easy way to make sure that your child’s name is memorized when it comes to playgroups or mums and baby groups, and it simply makes the clothing feel all the more special and more closely connected to the baby wearing it in the first place.

Itty Bitty offers a range of personalized clothing for precisely that reason. From personalised baby & kids tracksuits to personalised accessories and presents for the kids, such as storybooks and backpacks, we can help you give your child’s identity

The best baby boutique you’ll find online

Why choose Itty Bitty? Simply put, we believe we offer the best baby boutique on the internet for a wide range of reasons:

  • One of the biggest selections of shoes and footwear for children.
  • Hand-picked designs from celebrity moms and boutique collections.
  • We ensure all materials selected are safe and comfortable on your child’s skin.
  • We can personalise a wide number of our products to make them perfect for your child.
  • Regular deals to help you pick out your new favourites for less.
  • Low cost shipping, both domestic and international.
  • A no hassle returns policy makes shopping even more secure

Of course, it’s our selection of clothes that makes us the first choice for baby boutique clothing above all else. With a wide range of sizes available, you can be sure to find something for your infant or toddler.

We also have an extensive selection of nursery furniture and décor that will help transform any room into the perfect space for your little one.

Blogs specifically target at baby fashion, parenting advice and more.

A blog is usually a form of diary with entries often categorized by date on a calendar-style page – this keeps it easy to follow updates as they happen day-to-day in chronological order! We take no shortcuts when it comes to quality content: every piece is written by our team so we’ve got everything from witty musings about raising kids (and trying not to lose our sanity) over vital product reviews through.

Take a look at our store or get in touch to learn more

Don’t hesitate to take a look around Itty Bitty to see the kind of quality products we have on offer for boys and girls across all the early ages. If you need any help, you can get in touch through social media or the contact details on the site and we will be more than happy to address any concerns or questions you might have.

We do not take shortcuts with quality content. Every piece is written by our team so we’ve got witty musings about raising kids and trying to keep your sanity over vital product reviews through. Take a look at the store or get in touch if you are interested in learning more! Don’t hesitate to check out Itty Bitty, where there’s something for boys and girls across all ages from newborns up to 18 months old. If you need any help getting started – either with baby gear or finding answers to questions that might be on your mind – then don’t hesitate to contact us via social media (Instagram & Facebook) or using the handy contact details already on-site.

What is a baby boutique

Baby Boutique UK British Flare with homemade quality Itty Bitty Kids & Baby Boutique is home of beautiful children clothes for baby girls & boys plus strollers

-Baby boutiques are shops that specialize in selling baby clothes and supplies. They can be found all over the world, but some are more popular than others.

– These stores usually sell clothing for children up to age 12 months (or sometimes even longer), as well as a variety of other products such as diapers, cribs, strollers and car seats. Some also offer maternity wear or items for older kids like toys or books about pregnancy/babies.

– One thing that sets these stores apart from regular retail outlets is their customer service: they tend to have knowledgeable staff members who can help moms with any questions they might have about dressing babies (such as which size diaper should I buy?).

Different types of Baby boutiques

There are many types of baby boutiques . The main types are listed below:

– Baby clothing stores that sell newborn clothes, baby shoes and other accessories. Some larger chains offer a wide range of products for infants including cribs, strollers and highchairs.

In these shops you can usually find name brands as well as popular boutiques such as us Itty Bitty Boutique

– Shops which specialize in children’s furniture often have the widest selection. These include items from bedding to bedroom sets (including dressers), nursery decorating ideas and furnishings for babies who will eventually go into toddler beds

– Other specialty shops might focus on a specific type of product – like bicycles – but they carry some things just for kids too

How to find the best one for you?

You have just discovered the best online baby boutique in your neighborhood. You are so excited! How do you choose? What should you look for when choosing a t-shirt to order or purchase from this shop? There is no shortage of great choices, but there might be one better than all the rest. Here are some things that will help you make a decision:

* Does the fabric seem durable and well made? Can it withstand washing over time without fading or shrinking excessively (or worse yet developing holes)? If not, don’t buy it – even if it looks like exactly what you want on their website. It might work out down the road, but why take that chance? Invest in quality now and enjoy years of wear instead.


Why do people shop at baby boutiques?

Shopping at a baby boutique is all about the experience. The smaller spaces and curated selections are more familiar to any mom who remembers shopping for her own items when she was pregnant with her first child. But it’s not just nostalgia that compels people to come into these stores; there are other reasons as well:

* Baby boutiques offer products that larger retailers may not be able to carry due to inventory limitations or demand versus space constraints. These small shops often have room on their shelves for niche brands, which can be less common in large chain stores. This allows shoppers access to unique finds of clothes, toys and accessories without having them shipped from overseas (sometimes waiting weeks before they arrive)

Pros and cons of shopping at a boutique instead of buying online or in store 

– Boutiques are great because they carry a curated selection of products, so the shopper doesn’t have to wade through racks and shelves in order to find what she wants. She can focus on the experience instead of being buried by choices

– A boutique is also good for customers who want something specific but aren’t sure where it would be available elsewhere; like a certain brand or size, for example. Plus, many stores do offer an online presence with their own websites that connects back to their brick and mortar location(s) via social media accounts

The benefits of going to a boutique when looking for clothes, toys, equipment, etc…

A boutique provides a one-stop shopping experience for those looking to buy clothes, toys, equipment, and more. This is because many boutiques carry only the best products of that type–meaning customers don’t have to go from store to store in order find what they need. Boutique shoppers get expert advice and recommendations without having to do any research themselves!

Boutiques also offer an environment where mommies can bring their children with them while they shop or browse–providing adults some much needed kid time as well! Plus, when moms are out spending money on themselves instead of just buying groceries at the supermarket, it’s good for local businesses too!