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The Believe range was created to remind new parents to believe in themselves and have faith in the knowledge that you‘re doing great!

Being a parent is not always easy, embrace what feels right for you as every child is di erent, and as new parents we learn as we go!

Remember to celebrate the small things and remind yourself how well you are doing and what you have accomplished so far.

I hope you like my new range, the designs are inspired by nature and to me, carry a sense of freedom and happiness.”

– Katie Piper x x x 

Billie Faiers prams

Why a My Babiie Pram is All a Baby Needs?

Gone are the days when you had to carry kids in your arms, now most of the parents prefer using prams for their babies. People adore prams as they have changed their lives and made it easier for them to carry their babies wherever they want to. A pram is nothing but a four wheeled carriage especially designed for a baby or an infant; it is pushed by a walking person.

No doubt there are several companies that are into the manufacturing of prams, but My Babiie is a name that has gained immense popularity.

Wondering why this company’s pram is all that a baby needs? Read below:

  • It makes you feel like it is especially designed for your baby: If you want to say my baby pram’ to a stroller for your baby, My Babiie is the name that you can count on. This company knows how to make any baby feel special and comfortable.
  • It is available in different colours: There are various colours in which the company has manufactured strollers for babies; you can choose any color that you wish to. From pink to blue, from purple to black, choose a colour you know your baby would love the most.
  • The company ensures that the product is delivered within three days: If you want to have the stroller delivered in as few as three days, My Babiie is the name you need to depend upon.
  • It is quite affordable: How about buying a stroller that’s not very expensive, yet wonderful and comfortable for your baby? My Babiie is the name that needs to be on your lips if you want to buy an affordable stroller.
  • There is a pink coloured My Babiie stroller for your beautiful daughter: If you have given birth to a baby girl recently, a pink coloured My Babiie stroller is available for you.
  • There are a lot of good reviews on various strollers of My Babiie: Your baby products should always be from branded stores. My Babiie is a brand for all the beautiful babies out there.
  • Most of the people trust the quality of this company’s products: The quality of My Babiie products is guaranteed and hence, you can always count on it for your little one.
  • If you want to gift a new parent a stroller, this is the company that you need: If you want new prams, My Babiie has a huge variety available for you.

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