BIRDIE Glow Rose Kids Scooter

Birdie is the non-electric, kick-powered scooter for ages 3+. Fly with the big Birds with a height adjustable T-bar, lean-to-steer frame, and three-wheel design.


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BIRDIE Glow Rose Kids Scooter is the non-electric, kick-powered scooter for ages 3+.

Choose Birdie's child's scooter, the birdie! Thanks to its steering wheel-mounted steering system and its three ultra-wide wheels, Birdie is the easiest and one if the safest scooter on the market! With it, moving left or right is done simply by using body weight, which provides greater stability, improves balance and perfect coordination.
Glow and Go! Light up wheels create a visual thrill ride as the lights remain invisible until the wheels start to turn. Once the rider starts moving, the coloured LED lights embedded within the wheels power on - and create a soft, sparkly, glowing effect so you can spin down the street in style.
No slip grip
• Birdie’s ergonomic grips are designed to provide better handling and prevent children’s hands from slipping off handlebars. Additionally, Birdie comes with safety stop buttons designed to prevent handlebar removalsDurable design and frame
• Made with airplane grade metal, Birdie features wide footboards and ultra-wide wheels for enhanced stabilitySmooth steering
• Birdie’s lean-to-steer design provides flexible control as little riders navigate their three-wheel kick scooterThree wheels for increased stability
• Crafted for ultimate stability, Birdie’s three wheels offer a sturdier, stable, and wiggle free rideReliable brakes
• Birdie’s stomp brake help your little rider come to a stop quickly and reliablyHeight-adjustable t-bar
• With an adjustable neck that can be moved up or down, Birdie grows with children making it a sustainable investmentSafety tested
• Birdie has undergone extensive safety testing to provide your child with a safe rideTrusted Bird brand
• Birdie comes from the minds of Bird’s industry leading vehicle designers and globally recognised Bird brandMaximum weight: 110 lbs
Suitable for years 3+

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