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The wonder of life is something that cannot be explained with words alone. It’s a feeling you get in your heart when looking at a newborn baby girl who has just entered this world for the very first time; their innocent expressions are enough to make anyone melt, let alone if they’re wearing one of those cute little outfits! There’s no better way to describe what it feels like than by saying these items give off “cute” energy – which may not seem too impressive but trust us on here: there isn’t anything more powerful or sincere out there right now (unless maybe love).

Newborn Baby Girls Clothing – The Essentials

Selecting the right type of Newborn Girl’s Clothing for the first time can be a real challenge especially if you are clueless about the essentials. The good news is I’m going to share with you the most critical elements of your newborn girl’s clothing.

Before we dive into the actual items let’s talk about some general guidelines.

Finding clothes that fit your newborn girl properly is the most important element in the selection process. After all, she is going to be spending a lot of time in them and you don’t want her to be uncomfortable and be left with marks from clothing that is far too constricting.

Another thing to consider is fabric choice. This one is easy Cotton, Cotton, and Cotton. It is simply the best fabric choice.

Here are the essentials:

1. High-Quality Cloth Diapers– I recommend these over-store-bought disposable alternatives because they are simply way more comfortable and less constricting to your newborn baby’s skin.

2. One piece – A smart choice simply because the versatility and comfort level is very high.

3. Mittens- Often overlooked but unless you want your baby girl having scratches all over her face I highly recommend them

4. Socks- Keep your baby girls sensitive footsies nice and warm

With these elements, you have covered the next element of newborn girls clothing, the actual outfits and this is where it really starts getting fun. Mixing and matching unique outfits is something that will bond you together. For more info on choosing the right outfits visit our site, we have lots of great articles for you to enjoy. 🙂

We are newborn girls’ clothing enthusiasts who love to share our knowledge of the best clothes for your newborn. Check out our site:

A Guide to Buying Baby Girls Clothes For First-Time Moms

Where do you start?

Buying baby clothing can be a tricky business, especially for first-time mums, there are so many baby dresses and outfits to choose from! I know I had a difficult time and made some blunders with my purchases along the way. Take advice from the guide below. There are plenty of tips from mums on ‘how to buy baby clothing’ successfully.

What kind of Newborn baby girl clothes will I need?

Buying baby clothing can be a boggling experience, as your bump grows you will probably start to panic – ‘I don’t have any baby clothes!’ You will probably do what I did and start wandering around all the stores that sell baby clothes, baby furniture, baby gifts, and so on. The choice is endless, this is where the danger lies in buying too many clothes for the baby.

Too many baby clothes mean your baby will only wear them once or twice (or sometimes not at all), babies grow very quickly and the next size up in that special outfit is needed before you know it! Leaving you with the cutest outfits ever, but no VALUE FOR MONEY.

The ideal way to buy baby clothing is to make sure you have enough outfits to get you through the week in a couple of different sizes, but not so many that you have overflowing drawers of baby outfits that haven’t even been unwrapped before your baby gets too big to wear them; or duplicate clothing that you didn’t really need. Well, to be fair, duplicate baby clothing isn’t that big of an issue really, especially in the early days when baby clothes can only be worn once and usually for a couple of hours and all clothing needs to be continually washed and washed! In the early days make sure you have numerous baby dresses, bodysuits, comfortable playgro suits, and sleeping suits, basic tees, comfortable cotton pants, warm cardigans and coats or sun hats, depending on the season.

Before you buy new baby clothes, check what time of the year your baby will be born, it could be around sale time, which is the best time to buy bulk lots of newborn baby clothing that you are going to need.

Once all of the confusion has settled you will have an exciting time buying your first newborn baby clothes, it is much more fun than buying clothes for yourself (honestly) – and then in time you will be having more fun when your baby grows out of that first lot of clothes, you will find yourself a more experienced shopper in the baby clothing department.


Sizes of baby clothing vary from manufacturer to manufacturer so we haven’t listed a definitive sizing guide here. Newborn sizes generally start from 0000 but this is actually quite a small size and unless you have a smaller than average baby, you might only get a month or two from this size. The best advice is to pre-buy in size 000 and then buy extra supplies in the 0000 size if you need to after the birth. Check labels for weight and height guidelines before you buy (average birth weight is 3.5kg). baby clothing tips

Look for:

Hopefully this comprehensive guide to baby your baby’s first clothes has been helpful to you! Remember, don’t rush to buy too many clothes before your baby is born, you can always buy more of the garments you need after the arrival of your newborn.

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